Always room for more...

…There can never have enough…fall skirts…autumn leaves…quaint coffe shops…cute pups…favorite fragrances…bonfires…belly laughs…flowers…stacks of books…comfortable, inviting coffee shops…leather riding boots…colorful flats…tubes of red lipstick…HUGS…kisses in the rain…snowflakes on the tongue…shooting stars…

What do you want to add to this list? Wishing you all a lovely weekend! I hope you have a chance to chill and relax? What's on your agenda? xoxo

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Challenge: What painting are you?

I like to think of life as a blank canvas. I am the artist. I look for beauty in everything I come across. Sometimes it's found in unexpected places, an elderly couple who are holding hands at the mall, a stranger who smiles while holding the door open; if I look hard enough, these small things erase the obnoxious driver honking their horns and the ugliness of stressed out people. 

Every painting tells a story and we all have the ability to grab a blank canvas and paint the story of our life. It can be dark and stormy, (our choice), or it can be vivid and colorful, (our choice), peaceful and calm, (again, our choice). No matter what happens around us, we have the power to decide how to react to any storms we encounter, or whether we react at all.

I always look for humor too. The ability to find humor in everything may just be the most useful survival tool a person can have. It keeps everyting in perspective, keeps things light, and keeps me out of a straight jacket! 

Exercise: You have a blank canvas, paints, and brushes in front of you. Your challenge is to paint a piece of art that resembles what you want your life to reflect. What does it look like? What do you want your finished painting to say to the world? 

What tools do you use in life to help keep it light and keep everything in perspective? Gratitude? Humor? Do you look for beauty? Giving back? 


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Memoir: Adoption?

Text from daughter:  "You need to come to my University on such and such a date because they are having a pet adoption."

She includes adoption agency link in text.

Me:  "I love puppies but don't think I can't get away on that date."

A few seconds go by.

Me: "I'm not adopting though."

No response.

A few days pass.

I'm at work when my phone rings.

Me: "Hello?"

It's the management company at my apartment looking for my current pet's dog license, which incidently expired and as luck would have it, his rabies is out of date too.

Management company (not happy with me): "It seems you got a call from a pet adoption agency?"

Me: "What? I don't know anything about that."

Management company: "Do you have your pet license for us yet?"

Me: "Wait a minute, back up. Did you say I got a call from an adoption agency?"

Managment company: "Ummm, yes."

Me (pondering): "Hmmm…that's weird. I didn't contact anyone. Are you sure they were looking for me? I already have a dog and feel bad enough he's home alone all day." Lightbulb goes on. "Oh! You know what?! Oh, my God, that kid has big kahunas. I bet that was my daughter." I tell management company about adoption day at Daughter's University. Management Man starts laughing hysterically. "She definitely has persistence," I continue.

We straighten out dog license issue and hang up.

I text daughter: "Did you give the dog adoption people the office's phone number? They are already on me about Cooper's dog license?"

Text from daughter: "Oh, they were supposed to call your cell."

Text from me: "I'm not adopting."

Two days go by. I'm in the car checking voicemails when I hear: "Hi, we got your application to adopt a pet…"

I call number back. No answer. Voice mail picks up. I leave message: "Hi. I'd love to help a dog who needs a home but unfortunately, my schedule and my wallet does not allow me to at this present time. I already have a dog who I have massive guilt over leaving home alone while I work. So, yeah, that wasn't my application, it was my daughter who thought I might like one. Sorry I can't help out."

I get home and my dog wags his tail and wants me to take him out. He tries to fight with another dog outside confirming I am in the right. We go in and he climbs on my lap… HIS lap…he would not be willing to share with any other fluffy four legged pet. 

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