Confessions of a serial napper

I love naps. It's true - I never outgrew them. I even get crabby like a two year old when I need one. I guess you could even consider me a serial napper. Today is overcast with a bit of drizzle and it makes for the perfect napping weather. I think the craziness of life can be shuffled away just by squeezing in a little nap.

Here are just a few of the crazy things I've heard recently that are reason alone to want to nap:

Dad (very matter of fact): "I think I swallowed a tooth or something because it was there yesterday and now it's gone. I must have swallowed it." Slides tongue over space where tooth used to be. Everyone continues to eat without comment as if this is a normal everyday occurrence. 

Son: "I'm out of money."

Daughter: "I'm out of money."

Me: "I'm out of money."

Mom: (most dramatic voice and dead serious): "Be careful in the city. ISIS is going to attack everywhere. They cut heads off." I guess my facial expression wasn't frightened or concerned enough because her rant and warning continued. She was finally appeased once I feigned a look of fear. Acting skills? Check.

Sister: (trying to show the parents how to take a selfie of the two of us; parents could not figure out modern technology): "You guys are a couple of Fucktards." What the heck kinda word is that? (Trust me, I'm storing it for later use. Innapropriate but says it all).

Son: "I'm out of money."

Daughter: "I'm out of money."

Girlfriend: "Off to Camp Quityourbitchin for the weekend." Ha! Love that she chose that for her weekend home.

Me: "I'm out of money."

Dog: "Rub my belly," Okay, so he didn't actually verbally pronounce it out loud, but he threw himself at me all four legs up in the air. 

And with that….I think I'll take a nap. 

How is your week going so far? Are you a serial napper too? 




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Guess what?

Today is my birthday...

I'm old enough to know better; but young enough to still want to have fun.

I've had my heart broken to pieces. I have had my heart glued back together, turning it into a beautiful mosiac, letting the light shine through.

I have loved with all of my being and I have hated too; I've learned hate is not who I am and it will never define me.

I have cried myself to sleep, cried at movies, commercials, weddings, and have had tears slide down my face as I laughed so hard it hurt.

I've been sung to, screamed at, hugged and pushed. 

I've held my tongue and put my foot in my mouth. I've said things I wish I could take back. 

I loved my children as babies, toddlers, teens, and adults. Although they are grown, I will always view them as toddlers, climbing onto my lap with outstretched arms wanting a hug. 

I idolized my parents as a child and I've observed helplessly as they continue to age.

I have eaten enough cookies to fill an entire state. I don't regret any of them.

I have been humiliated, honored, respected, disrespected, fearful, brave, courageous, grateful, healthy, sick, poor, wealthy, lonely, surrounded by loved ones, enraged, enthralled, enraptured, creative, thoughtful, forgetful, clumsy, graceful, brilliant, a complete idiot, discontent and content. 

I've drank champagne and managed not to dance on the table, although I may or may not have knocked over a chair.

I have LIVED and I have earned wrinkles that are proof.

Today I celebrate and if today was my last day on earth, I'd say I lived and loved with all my heart. I'm grateful for the years I've had, the good, the bad, and all that has led me to where I am at this exact moment.

For my birthday, I ask you all to lift your glass and toast YOUR life. That is my birthday wish - that you LIVE fully and completely, accept the good and the bad, keep growing, learning, and know your experiences will continue to shape you. Cheers. xoxo






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Make a million wishes

A funny thing happened yesterday. I popped onto Facebook, which I have a love/hate relationship with. Right now I've distanced myself from it, deciding it's just too much over-exposure, (I know, very ironic coming from a Blogger). Anywho, I noticed I had timeline tags to review and stumbled across a photo my daughter took of me from the summer. It was a photo of me from behind staring at a fountain/wishing well, wistfully comtemplating my next wish. 

It was a day we decided to go to lunch. Instead of going to Chipolte or Bertucci's, on a whim we decided we would go into the city and splurge on an afternoon tea. Seeing as there were no tea times that suited our schedule we enjoyed the fun bistro atmosphere at the Ritz. We then waltzed over to the Public Garden where we found a fountain/wishing well. I dug deep for pennies and came up with a handful.

She made a wish or two, while I continuted to make wish after wish until the pennies were gone.

"You can't make that many wishes," my daughter said. All of a sudden she was the wish police.

"Says who?" I replied, "I can make as many as I want. You can make some more too if you feel like it."

After a penny or two she had lost interest and once again just thought, there goes my eccentric Mom.

So, yesterday when I hap-hazardly stumbled upon the photo from that afternoon I realized that most of the wishes I made on that hot day had already come true. 

Too many wishes? Never. Disney said it best through lyrics: 'Like a bolt out of the blue; Fate steps in a sees you through. When you wish upon a star, (or a fountain), your dreams come true.

Have you had any wishes come true lately? Are you wishing for anything at the moment? Yes, a Tory Burch handbag is an acceptable wish. Have a great evening, Loves. xoxo


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