We are here to make a difference in the lives of others

“Our lives are marked by the people who choose to matter more: the teacher who encouraged our curiosity, the neighbor who lent a helping hand in time of need, the great leaders and perceptive thinkers whose vision and innovation improve the quality of our lives. And that's what it means to matter more. It's not about pursuit of riches or fame. It's about making a difference in people's lives. Remembered or not, lived out in a small town or on the world stage, the journey of relevance matters.”  - Marian Deegan, Relevance: Matter More

I just don't want my life to be about a place I visited.  I want to make a difference in the lives of others. What small thing can you do today to make a difference in the life of a loved one or a stranger? It could be as simple as holding the door open for someone or picking up an item they dropped and handing it to them.

Have a wonderful Saturday, Everyone! Love, Deb xoxo


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"When my wife was diagnosed with Dementia, I promised her she would never be alone. I cared for her 24/7.  It was difficult, but I did it because I loved her. When it became necessary to put her into assisted living, I moved into a independent living apartment on the same property. I never slept in my apartment. Every night I slept on a cot next to her until she passed. I promised her she would never have to do it alone and I kept my promise" - An Anonymous Friend

It was Alzheimer's Awareness Day this week and I had the pleasure of meeting two amazing elderly gentlemen, both of who unfortunately lost their wives to this cruel disease.

They told me of how they cared for, and stood by helplessly, as they watched their spouses deteriorate, I thought about how blessed these 2 different women had been to have married such amazing men.  All three of us teared up as they recounted their painful histories.

One husband asked his wife, "How am I supposed to go on without you?"

His wife responded with, "Take all the love you have for me and spread it to others."

In their efforts to advocate and raise awareness for Dementia, they continue to love and honor their wives. They may have lost their wives, but their love is very much still alive.

Do you know someone with Dementia?  Has it been a difficult road?  What advice would you give to others who are newly diagnosed or have a loved one with the disease?

Have a lovely weekend, Everyone!

Love, Deb xoxo

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I find it sad that the institution of marriage is not taken as seriously as it once was. Everywhere I turn someone is getting divorced. Cheating is rampant, both husbands and wives. Kids are stuck in the middle and are helpless as the parents wage war against one another. I'm all for making it work when possible, but there are some situations, (abuse, alcoholism, etc.), where it's necessary to call it quits.

I admire the couples who can go through mediation and continue to partnership as parents who put the best interests of their children above all else. Unfortunately, there are other couples who for whatever reason, can't communicate or one partner who just tries to be difficult. 


I guess you could say I lost everything in my divorce, but I also gained everything.  Financially, the kids and I were not protected, did not receive support, life insurance, or health coverage. I am owed thousands in back pay and yes, I was bitter for a long time.

One day I realized, I don't care if I never see another penny.  Expecting support, fair treatment, or better parenting from my ex held me captive.  It dawned on me in a single moment - I could choose to be responsible for my own life and do the best I can for myself and children. That is the moment where I was totally free.


We can't change other people.  We can change ourselves and how we react to them. We can take control of our lives instead of waiting around trying to control a situation that was never in our control. Believe your needs will be met, do what you have to do every day to try to better your life and the lives of your loved ones, and the universe will answer your needs.  

Simply let go. It's a choice. You can make it when you feel ready.  Have you been through a divorce?  Are you still bitter? Have you let go of bitterness and healed? I'd love to know.

Love, Deb xoxox


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