For all you beautiful women...

This is for the mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, teenagers, step-moms, and girlfriends...

You are stronger than you can even begin to fathom. Your arms have embraced and encouraged so many people and lifted so many others. Your beauty stems from within. You are beautiful without makeup. Cosmetics enchance, but don't make for a beautiful soul. You don't have to be anybody else's idea of perfect because you are already perfectly imperfect. When you hold the door for a stranger, give someone a compliment, pack your child's lunch, call your Grandmother for a chat…You are making a difference. Small differences that make a difference in someone else's day. You are powerful beyond imagine. You fight for your family, your children, your parents health, your girlfriend's happiness. You are a sounding board for others and a safe landing place for your children. You are sexy, feminine, and girlish all at the same time. You are witty and you are smart. You are interesting. You show interest in others and it makes them feel more interesting. You have the ability to overcome, to change, to grow, and to shape the lives of others. You face challenges, ones you fear you will never climb your way out of, but you overcome them. In the end you are wiser for them and have a better understanding of why you needed to experience the lesson dealt. You are one on a planet of many. You can not change the world, but you can change your world and you can make the world a better place for everyone you encounter.

Is there someone special who has made a difference in your life? Why not share this with her? You might just make a difference in her day. xoxo

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Humor: That awkward phone call

Happy Friday, Loves! I don't know about you, but this week seemed to fly by. As always, it had it's share of awkard moments. 

I had a list of people I needed to phone and half way down my list I had my speech memorized, I had become an automated robot.

I dial the phone. Ring ring.

Elderly Gentleman answers: "Hello?"

Me: "Hi, may I speak with Eleanor please?"

Elderly Gentleman (very matter of fact): "You are about four years too late."

Oh crap. I just rained on this guys parade.

Me (taken aback): "Oh, no, I'm so sorry." 

Awkward silence.

Me: "Okay, well, I'm sorry to have bothered you."

He hangs up.

Day two arrives and I decide to finish my list of calls.

Ring ring.

Me: "May I speak to Eleanor please?"

SAME elderly gentleman, same response (still monotone): "You are about four years too late."

I shake my head in disgust and say every curse word in my head…How the hell did Eleanor end up on page two as well?!! I feel like I am now tormenting the old dude.

I cross her name off the list on page one and page two with thick black lines. Note to self: Do not call anyone with the first name Eleanor. 

I proceed with the awkward apologies again, and I have the impression that elderly gentleman has no recollection of my calling the previous day - thank God. 

I silent hope that Eleanor is sitting in the chair across from elderly gentleman and this is the little joke they like to play when unknown people call. I picture them sharing a wicked little smile and then going back to their daytime television. I hate the thought of him being alone missing his wife. I say a little prayer for elderly gentleman in hopes that it makes up for my faux pas. 

Have you had any awkward moments this week? Foot in mouth? Tripping up the stairs? My daughter's friend actually nicknamed awkward moments as 'Debby-isms' because they follow me everywhere. Lol.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! xoxo



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Sweet September and it's glorious growth

…A nip in the morning breeze, a sweater required at eve, another year older and self-assured; lessons taught and lessons served.

September arrives but once a year, it whispers to us a new season is near. Change will arrive as the vibrant leaves turn; Don't fear changes you face, there are lessons to learn.

Come next September where will you be? Will you grow and change so you can be free? Free from the chains that hold you in place; free from the things that keep you from grace? Free from limited beliefs that are stunting your growth or living the life that you desire the most? 

Welcome every change, every season, every opportunity…You might end up somewhere unexpected and you might not understand why. That's okay. Just know you are on your journey to where you are meant to be. Enjoy the journey. In the end you will be thankful for each lesson learned.


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